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Preorder - 1x4 LED bars (40Watts)

Preorder - 1x4 LED bars (40Watts)

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Designed for microgreens these lights focused on light quality, efficiency, modularity, vertical space optimization and ease of use.


The large surface area of this LED board design and the low profile make it ideal for a microgreen production where you can bring the lights closer to the crop canopy and therefore optimize the use of your vertical space. 


Built on an aluminium PCB is used for optimal passive cooling.

Three magnets allow you to quickly and easily mount the LED bars onto your grow shelves. 

On each LED board there is an over current and over temperature protection, to avoid potential accidents.


Note that the modular nature of the boards also allows you to simply add more LED boards per shelf to grow more energy intensive crops such as tomatoes, that require more light. 


Testing comments:
After testing LED bars that only had 5000k white LEDs, we observed that our microgreens harvests were lagers and with more taste.  However some crops such as our sunflowers were shorter... Therefore, after some more experimentation, we found that the additional 620nm (red) LEDs helped with the crops's height, while retaining the previous benefits. 

For this, we created version 7 of our LED bars, now available for preorders in Canada. 


LED bar Specifications: 

- Voltage: 48V

- Power: 10W per LED bar

- 12 LM301B 5000k LEDs (white) 

- 2 Osram 620nm LEDs (red)


Features :

- Aluminium PCB for rigidity and thermal dissipation

- 3 magnets for easy mounting on metal surfaces. 

- Overcurrent protection

- Over temperature protection

- 10P Header connector for easy parallel connection 


- 4 LED bars

- 1 Power supply: OWA-60U-48

- 1 Cable adapter

- 1 Ribbon cable harness


Shipping only in Canada (for now)

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