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About Us

Klorofila is a small company located in Quebec and we specialize in indoor agriculture technologies with a current  focus on microgreens. 

We design and manufactures vertical farming equipment. With new technologies we enable you to lower your operating costs by lowering electricity consumption and automate tasks. 


The founder’s passion for agriculture comes from his maternal grandmother who is of Basque origin. She would always have a beautiful garden filled with delicious vegetables! Klorofila means chlorophyll in Basque and it therefore felt like the ideal name.

Sustainability at Klorofila

Sustainability is very important at Klorofila and with that in mind, we take extra steps in order to make sure that we create products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Electrical efficiency is one of our main objectives when designing our LED lights. In addition to that, we carefully select which materials are used in the construction and packaging of our products. 

Product material selection:
An example of that is the selection of aluminum PCBs for our LED bars: our testing had shown that we could make these LED bars out the the typical circuit board material (FR4) however this material is very hard to recycle and therefore is generally just considered as waste after the useful life of the product. Aluminum however is recyclable, therefore making our lights out of it not only helps with the thermal dissipation of the LEDs but it also means that in 10-20-30 years, when these lights are no longer used, they could be recycled into new products instead of becoming more waste in landfills. 
We also pay attention to other materials being used in the electronics, making sure to have lead free and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant components

Recyclable packaging:
Packaging is also a point where we focus, by trying to use as much cardboard as possible as once again it is easily recyclable, especially when compared to the alternative which is plastic. For that reason, we have invested time and money into designing custom cardboard cutouts that can protect our products during shipping.  


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